Sunday, November 1, 2009


With the possible craziness of Halloween we decided to board Darcy from Friday to today so not much to report on those days except for the funny picture of Darcy showing her true form that Windy City sent us.

But prior to dropping her off Darcy threw me for a loop. My mother in law came into town on Thursday afternoon and Darcy proceeded to bark at her constantly. I tried to look at it as if I were looking at a client's dog but I couldn't figure out why she was doing it. At first I thought she was nervous so we started doling out treats but then I looked at her body language and she didn't seem scared. Then when Darcy crawled up in her lap and was fine it threw the fear thing out the window. The only thing it kind of reminded me of was when she did a little demand barking when she first came into the house. We stopped it quickly by ignoring her as soon as she made a peep but by the time I thought of this we were already planning on taking Darcy to Windy City so I didn't really test that theory. Regardless it was insanely annoying.

Friday was a rough day because of the barking, a busy day volunteering at my son's school and a little altercation with a neighbor (thankfully not dog related!) so when it came time to do an agility fun run that night I just didn't feel that connection with Darcy so we passed on it. My frustration level from the day was just too high that I thought being out there in front of everyone and having Darcy not respond would push me over the edge. Taking a step back now I should have separated training from all the crap of the day but I'm still human! :) We are starting a new obedience class with Janice Triptow this week so we'll have a new start then!

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