Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th, 2010

Ahh, again the slacking.  I guess I have not so much slacked on Darcy's training but on the writing about it.  The end of summer is approaching so I am going to try to get back to writing as my son goes back to school.  Darcy is on a pretty good routine but almost too good of a routine.  I have been running so much with her that she actually recognized my running clothes.  By the time I am tying my shoes she is bouncing off the walls.  She has become a pretty good runner but as I discovered recently, she is REALLY good at running while I'm biking.  I decided to try it one day (because I had a death wish?) and it went very well.  I only have to take her about 1 1/2 miles to knock her out for the day.  The really cool thing is seeing her actually running.  Her natural gait for my running pace is a trot.  When I'm booking on the bike she finally gets into a good gallop and it is a beautiful thing to see.
As far as training, we have still been doing agility though I think we might try flyball soon just for a change of pace.  We have also been having one of my trainers, Amanda come over to work with Darcy. Amanda is who stays with the dogs when we go out of town so it is very important that Darcy is ok with her.  I can't remember if I mentioned it before but Darcy has been having some fear issues with people in the home when I'm not around.  My worst fear is that we will be on vacation and Amanda will call saying Darcy has cornered her in the den or something.  But Amanda has been coming every week and just rewarding her as she walks around the house and she said it has been a while since Darcy had any issues.  We have also had a DAP collar on her and Amanda said she has really seen a difference.
We are also starting to have the neighborhood kids come over to work with Darcy for the same issues.  Not only are they regularly running in and out of our house but someday Justin will have friends his age coming over so I don't want her to have any issues with them.  As I've learned from working with so many clients whose dogs are afraid of people coming in the home it takes a lot of work so we are starting now.  I'm sure both her and Bella will know when it is someone coming in the house that shouldn't.  And who would come in with a Pit Bull and a Rottie anyway?  :)