Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today we found a new talent that Darcy has. She can not only get herself out of the crate but if another dog is in the crate she can get them out too. Oh and she can open doors with knob handles. I left to take our son to school and go for a run so I put Bella in the crate and closed our office door. When I returned Bella was out of the kennel and the office door was open. With the office door open the girls helped themselves to the contents of my training bag which was a bag of treats (thankfully mostly empty) and a bag of rawhide chips (not so empty from what I remember). I guess we will just have to see if she continues to bust Bella out or if it was just luck. And I might have not shut the office door all the way. If that isn't the case I think we have to put the baby-proof door handles back up again just when our son grew out of them...

Another interesting event recently is that Darcy got her picture taken for the One Tail at a Time calendar and it scared the crap out of her. When we signed up to do it I was more worried that she would barrel around the studio knocking stuff over. As usual, she keeps me on my toes and would barely move at the shoot. Oh except to run away from the photographer and bark at her. Nice Pit Bull! They said they got some good pictures so we will hope so! Check out their web site when they are done so you can buy one and support the rescue pups!

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