Thursday, January 26, 2012

Darcy's calming signals

One thing Darcy doesn't like is being in an enclosed space.  Even when it is me, she gets a little nervous.  Unfortunately to go to our backyard she needs to go through a space that puts her in the social space of people (because we have to open the door).  With people she doesn't know well she will not go at all.  With us she gives crazy calming signals to show that she doesn't like the situation.  Once she is outside she is happy as a clam.  But getting there is the battle.  Here is a video and a list of the calming signals she exhibits:

00:00:18 - Shake off
00:00:19 - Lip lick
00:00:21 - Look away
00:00:22 - Stretch
00:00:25 - Lip lick
00:00:26 - Walk away
00:00:34 - Lip lick
00:00:40 - Stretch
00:00:42 - Lip lick
00:00:44 - Yawn

Can you find any more?

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