Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm in kind of a philosophical mood right now.  The day started out volunteering at my son's preschool which I love doing.  Today it was still fun but the kids were NUTS.  Then we progressed into a difficult day with clients and other business controversy.  The controversy followed me all the way to agility class today with Darcy so I was sure that it would be unproductive.  I don't know if it was the low expectations I had or what but to my surprise we had the best class ever.  Stacey had us do our first run with our arms plastered to our sides and with NO verbal cues.  I'm Italian and do obedience training - I gesture wildly and talk to my dog.  This was hard.  But Darcy was a champ - I was amazed.  Afterwards I was actually giddy with how exciting it was to see her run like that on so little communication from me.  What Stacey made us realize is that we are often confusing them with all our flailing and chatter.  It was so good to take a step back and trust my dog that she knows what to do.

That started me on a better trend of emotions.  When I got home I started looking at some photographs made by my friend John Caruso and now I am centered.  Thank you Stacey Hawk and John Caruso!

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